Maritime Affairs / Seamen

Supervision of maritime service is carried out through the employer or ship owner. It is his duty to check seafarers' employment agreements, medical examinations and qualifications before he takes service on board.

In cases when seafarer applies for issuance of a new documents (record of service, qualification document, CRA etc.), application should be submitted to the closest Diplomatic mission (Embassy in Zagreb).

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate
The Norwegian Maritime Directorate is a subordinate agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Directorate is the competent Norwegian authority for maritime affairs. For a full overview of their area of work and responsibilities, please contact:

A valid health certificate from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA), being either the Seafarer's home country or the EEA country in which he/she is most recently domiciled, is accepted for service on a Norwegian ship.

A Norwegian health certificate can be obtained from a medical doctor approved by the Royal Norwegian Embassy (see list below). Please note that the fee paid in connection with necessary medical examinations for mustering on a Norwegian registered vessel, will have to be paid by the seaman. The fee will, however, be reimbursed by the employer when presenting a doctor's receipt .

List of Approved Medical Services for Seamen in Croatia
The following medical doctors have been approved by the Norwegian Authorities to perform medical check-up on Seamen to be signed on to Norwegian registered ships:

Link to list:

-- Contact information --

Norwegian Maritime Directorate
P.O. Box 2222
5509 Hagesund
Telephone: +47 22454500
Fax: +47 22568780

For all additional information about mustering, please contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb or The Norwegian Consulate in Rijeka on the addresses below:

Royal Norwegian Embassy
Hektoroviceva 2/3
10 000 Zagreb
Tel. +385 1 6273800
Fax. +385 1 6273891

Royal Norwegian Consulate in Rijeka
Zrtava Fasizma 2/II
51 000 Rijeka
Tel./Fax. +385 51 335 827

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